Jack Benjamin specialises in bespoke contemporary furniture

Born and raised in the south west, Jack Benjamin began his making career in the family business renovating houses. He planned and created contemporary spaces, building kitchens from scratch, experimenting with design accents including concrete worktops and floor-to-ceiling bookcases. 

Jack set about honing his craft by studying at Rowden Atelier, where under the tutelage of world-class makers and designers, he both developed an acute understanding of the capabilities of wood and how to execute precision furniture. This enabled him to dream up spectacular, dynamic designs with his incredible sharp eye for detail and active imagination.

From there Jack was hired by bespoke furniture makers Graham Scott, making for prestigious clients all over the world where he learned the importance of working to fine tolerances and strict deadlines for a global commercial brand.

All of these skills Jack now ploughs into creating elegant, bold pieces that marry contemporary style with functionality using traditional making techniques. Nothing pleases Jack more than producing handcrafted, thoughtful furniture for his clients’ homes that last a lifetime and more.